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Below are some of the testimonials we received from recipients of a demo tape of Bill's jazz piano trio music. These recipients listened to a range of our music (12 tunes in 110 minutes) and appreciated its consistent high level of quality.

It is noteworthy that these testimonials were written about our demo tape which was not recorded on top-of-the-line recording equipment, was not recorded in a recording studio, and was neither mixed nor mastered. Our CDs, in contrast, were recorded on state-of-the-art recording equipment at the Bay Records Studio in Berkeley, California, where they were also mixed and mastered.

Lupita López Jackman  

"Thanks for the tape. It is great and I play it constantly in my car….See you dancing."

Professor Shmuel Oren, Department of Industrial Engineering/Operations Research University of California at Berkeley

"Sorry I missed you today because I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your tape. I must tell you that I love classical music and have never been much of a fan of jazz. However, I find your jazz style very pleasant on the ear. The melodies are discernible. Sometimes jazz tunes all sound the same."

"You are very talented, Bill. Thanks for the tape. Any chance you'll cut a CD?"

Debbie Hall, Businesswoman; Moraga, CA

"I really liked your jazz music very much, - it's very relaxing to listen to. I've played it in the car when I drive. Is it feasible to have it come out in a CD version?"

Dewey Q. Seeto, Ph.D., Economist/Senior Rates Analyst, PG&E; San Francisco, CA

"Will use it to 'make love' with."

Franco Gianelli, Newswriter/Producer, KGO Newstalk Radio; San Francisco,CA

"Thanks for your letter and for the excellent tape. I'm so proud I studied with you! You sound great."

"How I wish I'd studied longer with you."

Elizabeth Farnsworth, Chief Correspondent, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

"Thanks for sending the tape, I enjoyed it very much. I particularly liked 'Like Someone in Love' and 'Moonlight in Vermont' and 'It Could Happen to You.' You are right, this is the type of jazz I've come to enjoy. In my humble and still not so knowledgeable opinion, I think you have a nice variety and pace of song. You have a nice touch to the piano too. Perhaps too, I relate to the strong dance beat."

Leigh Gronet, Graphic Design Consultant; Berkeley, CA

"Thanks so much for the great gift of your wonderful music….Your music is that of a fine cooking musician whose fingers love to dance all over the keyboard."

Al Secunda, The 15 Second Principle; Los Angeles, CA

"Just wanted to thank you again for sending me a copy of your recording at Yoshi's. My favorite song is 'Moonlight in Vermont.' I heard Frank Sinatra's version a while back and I could imagine him singing with your trio. You've got a lot of talent and I hope to see you one day on the bill at Yoshi's."

Mel Young, PT, Embarcadero Physical Therapy Inc.; San Francisco, CA

"Sorry for the delay in replying. I had resolved to listen to your tape a number of times and produce a review worthy of an album cover, but that isn't going to happen."

"I have listened to and enjoyed your tape. The material and your treatment fits my tastes and philosophy perfectly. I like your style of handling a piece with innovation and respect."

"The final word goes to my wife, who has spent many years as a music widow exposed to a lot of bands and styles. As I was playing your tape, she asked who it was and later asked for an encore during a family dinner."

"Keep up the good sounds, maybe some day we will have the opportunity to play together."

Andrew W. Moyce, M.D. (Otolaryngology) and Jazz Bassist; Oakland, CA

"Have been playing your tape again today (last day of finals week; now the grading begins!) - Not only am I enjoying it, but my colleagues are as well. They can't believe the artist is a PhD economist!!! Hope life is treating you well. Thanks again for your music!"

Professor Patricia E. Graham, Chair, Department of Economics University of Northern Colorado; Greeley, CO

"Thanks so much for sending me the tape and info about the Bill Jackman Trio. I love the music and am promising myself to get to see you at Yoshi's one day."

Carol Whiteside, Founder and President, Great Valley Center; Modesto, CA

"Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending me your delightful tape. I am enjoying it immensely. It has a great beat and so easy to listen to!"

Jean Dortmund, Businesswoman; Novato, CA

"Thank you so much for the beautiful, professional jazz tape you sent me. I listened to it and felt in love with them! I would like to buy your CD, if you can burn one. Also let me know when you are going to play live again (website of your trio?)."

"Those pieces are de-lovely and they remind me of Bill Evans and a bit of Monk, who are my favorite Jazz pianists. As I listened to it I really got into it, humming along. It is quite wonderful-I really enjoy it a lot. Thanks again for the tape."

Sherman Luk, Internet/E-Commerce Developer; San Francisco, CA

"Thanks for the tape…I didn't know you were so talented."

Frederick T. Furlong, Ph.D., Vice President Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

"Thanks for the tape…good work."

S. Lee Gray, Ph.D., Acting Associate Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences Colorado State University; Fort Collins, Colorado

"Thanks for the tape. It shows what we remember from earlier days-that you are a man of many talents-and we have enjoyed listening to it this holiday season."

Robert A. Young, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics Colorado State University; Fort Collins, Colorado

"Thanks very much for your kind letter and for the tape. I am listening to it as I type this note. I look forward to many hours of listening pleasure."

Robert L. Harris, Esq., Vice President of Environmental Affairs Pacific Gas and Electric Company; San Francisco, CA

"I made a copy of your cassette and gave it to Patricia Furlong. She greatly enjoyed the music as did Caroline in our office who borrowed my copy Thanks again for enriching us with your musical talent!"

Alan Abeles, Senior Vice President/Regional Leadership Specialist Lee Hecht Harrison; San Francisco, CA

"I have enjoyed your tape. I listen to it in traffic and stay mellow."

Eric Folmer, Certified Arborist; Berkeley, CA

"I loved the tape. Technically and musically, it sounds totally professional, very upbeat, and every time I would get in and out of my car, I felt like I was listening to the old KJAZ dinner-jazz. I like the fact that all the songs were jazz standards and familiar to me and I liked the arrangements."

Barbara Davidson Bushee, Legal Secretary; El Sobrante, CA

"I am listening to your demo-very nice. At the moment it's on 'Moonlight in Vermont,' a favorite tune of mine."

Kurt Ribak, Jazz Bassist and Educator; Berkeley, CA Graduate with top honors of the Berklee College of Music of Boston, MA

"The music is very entertaining and I've listened through it several times….Congratulations on a tape well done."

Mark Youdall, DVM, Cheshire Cat Clinic; Oakland, CA

"I listened to your tape again recently. In general I listen to a wide variety of music-everything from the popular sounds on the radio to classical and gospel related. I have always been a huge fan of the piano as an instrument and love to listen to it more than any other instrument. I found your tape was enjoyable. I liked the latin sounding theme of many of the songs. I would be interested in hearing other tapes that you produce in the future."

John Anguiano, Research Analyst and Web Master; Newark, CA

"I really enjoyed the music and I think you guys did a great job."

Maritza Rivera, Data Base Specialist, PG&E; San Francisco, CA

"Bill, listened to your tape, liked it very much and found it to be very impressive, very professional. And I can see how much work went into it."

Jacqueline Persons, Ph.D., Director, S.F. Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy Oakland, CA

"I got your cassette and listened to it and enjoyed it very much - even though my knowledge of music is limited. Thanks for sharing this with me."

Raj Bhat, Ph.D., Statistician/Insurance Analyst Quality Planning Corporation; San Francisco, CA

"Bill, thanks for the cassette. I received it last week and have spent every night after work listening to it (no kidding) at home. There are a very few customers that will go above and beyond to just say thanks as you did."

"We were thinking, there are a few people where I work that love jazz and good music in general, if it is alright to dub the tape (for personal use only) so we all can enjoy the cassette. I have found it hard to let go of the cassette and let someone else take it home. I'll wait for a response before copying your work. Being an artist like yourself I know what it feels like to see something done to you work that was not approved of."

"I have worked with many bands and have a dozen musicians in my family alone, and I have found your work to be very polished and professional. You should be making some extra side money letting a record label sell your music. If you need any help in that are there are two friends of mine working at 2 different jazz recording labels that might be able to help in what direction to take."

"Thanks again for the cassette, Darrell@Saturn of Oakland."

Darrell Grans, Service Manager, Saturn of Oakland