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"JAZZ PIANO FOR DANCERS & LISTENERS", our six-volume set of CDs, and our accompanying dance video, "Dancing to Jazz", were conceived as a unit and are a balanced and complimentary mix of Latin, swing, and ballad rhythms and tempos. Accordingly, we are offering a special bargain price for our "Elegant Six-Pack" with or without our dance video (see below).

The Video "Dancing to Jazz"  $9.98

(or just $6.98 with purchase of the "Elegant Six-Pack" See below)


Number of CDs in Set Purchased Price per CD Cost of CDs w/o Video Cost of CDs with Video
One $14.98 $14.98 $24.96
Two $14.98 $29.96 $39.94
Three $14.98 $44.94 $54.92
Four $14.98 $59.92 $69.90
Five $14.98 $74.90 $84.88
The "Elegant Six-Pack"
$11.98 $71.88 $78.86

Advantages of purchasing the "Elegant Six-Pack" (Volumes 1 - 6)

  • You save $3.00 per CD ($11.98 vs. $14.98).
  • You save $3.00 on our "Dancing to Jazz" video ($6.98 vs. $9.98).
  • You save on shipping costs per CD since United States Postal Service rates do not vary much for low-weight packages (1-3 pounds). This enables us to offer a fixed rate of $2.98 for shipping for orders from one CD up through the "Elegant Six-Pack" (CDs 1-6) with the dance video.
Lupita López Jackman